Event production for the Los Angeles Cassina showroom. 

Interior by Douglas Cain

For this project we worked with the existing granite counters and maple cabinets and planned a color scheme from there.

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Founding Partner. Branding and identity from initial conceptualization. Project management and event coordination. Ongoing involvement with fine Arts Curating. Maintain artist and media relations for the gallery. Social Media advertising and guerrilla marketing strategies. Web presence.

ZUGHAUS Gallery reception interior by Douglas Cain. 

Please visit ZUGHAUS for more examples of Douglas Cain's opening and documentary photographs for ZUGHAUS Gallery.

Graphic design by Douglas Cain.

Interior and logotype concept for ZUGHAUS Gallery by Douglas Cain.

Joby Offices
1001 Sandsome St.
San Francisco, CA

Sourced all fabrication and of art objects for CITIZEN:Citizen. Oversaw production of small run of books. Sourced and procured digitally cut vinyl wall text. Managed timeline of fabrication and installation. 

Joby Offices
Sandsome Street
San Francisco, California.

Creative assistance, furniture selection an sourcing, installation on behalf of Philip Wood and CITIZEN:Citizen. I oversaw the installation and contracting of third party vendors. Recommended creative solutions for budget constraints, and short timeline. Managed from point of proposal to the quote process into the procurement and installation. Meet and exceeded deadlines for timeliness relating to an upcoming grand opening reception.

Assisted in the production and distribution of designed objects created by CITIZEN:Citizen. Sourced and worked through the production of this unique item requiring rethinking how the buttons were constructed, and finding a manufacturer capable of industrial manufacturing with a thick ballistic textile.

Curated, assisted conceptualization and fabricated Design Objects for CITIZEN:Citizen, shown at the launch of Joby, in the office space conceived and executed by CITIZEN:Citizen.

Represented CITIZEN:Citizen at the opening and launch.